Intriguing Multi-Generational Custom Home Design!

Published February 20, 2020

Today, it is more common than ever before to find multiple generations living under the same roof.

With so many extended families now sharing the same living spaces, custom-designed home builders have gained great insight on how to plan multi-generational custom homes that can keep everyone comfortable and happy.

If you are looking into custom-designed homes for your multi-generational family, consider these potential space-sharing issues in advance.

Discuss your home project with a custom home builder to accommodate for everyone ahead of time.

Providing Enough Privacy

One of the biggest issues that arise in multi-generational households is a lack of privacy.

With children, adults, and seniors living in the same home, the need for privacy so everyone feels comfortable as if they are living in their own home is high.

To accommodate these needs, custom homes can be built with floor plans that include separations in living spaces where needed and constructed from brick and other materials that deaden the passage of sound from room to room.

It’s important to work with skilled custom-designed home builders to identify the different areas needed to ensure privacy and incorporate them into a cohesive home plan.

Getting Creative with the Separation of Spaces

Builders of custom-designed homes find that providing the required privacy to accommodate multiple families involves separating the right spaces.

Interestingly, other than sleeping and bath spaces, kitchen and laundry spaces are other areas where more privacy is sought.

By adding kitchenettes and stackable laundry units into secondary living suites, homeowners can provide that privacy fairly easily.

Separate entries can add even more privacy. Individual thermostat controls for the separate areas of the house will give occupants an even greater feeling of privacy as well.

Fortunately, this type of separation of spaces under the same main roof can be easily achieved when designing custom homes to specifically serve these needs.

Comfortable, Yet Efficient Floor Plans

With regard to the common areas of the house, open floor plans are best for providing enough comfort room for the many people occupying the space on a daily basis.

Large living areas and main kitchens are recommended as the central base of the house. Then custom-designed home builders recommend considering the individual needs of each group occupying the home and building accordingly.

Depending on the family, this may mean private living spaces and bedrooms on separate sides of the main living areas, more storage and closet space, extra garage or parking space, and rooms in the main part of the home that are large enough for group use.

The goal must be to cater to individual needs while getting the best use of all available space.

Easy Access for All Ages

Another factor that must be considered when multiple age groups will be sharing a home is access and safety. Seniors and kids have different needs than the average adult.

Providing access in custom-designed homes that is safe and useful for all may consist of certain types of storage and hardware, extra-large windows for more natural light, zero-step walkways and non-slip flooring, and overall good, efficient design that makes living easier for everyone.

Living in a multi-generational household can be a challenge for all who live under the same roof. Reducing the issues that may come up involves great planning and efficiently designed custom homes.

To develop the floor plan that suits your needs, work with custom-designed home builders who will help you consider potential difficulties and come up with the best solutions.

Skillful planning of custom-designed homes means reduced stress as well as privacy and comfort for all!


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