The Master Retreat

Published July 30, 2020

I think my husband and I were married for 8 years before we had a house that enabled us to have our own separate sinks in the master bathroom.  At the time we had to share, we didn’t think much about it, but now, after having our own space to brush our teeth without hitting elbows I’m not sure we could go back.  Well . . . we probably could, but we wouldn’t want to!  

Custom built master bedroom with sliding barn doors.

When designing the Master Retreat there are three basic spaces to consider; the bedroom, the closet and the bathroom.

First, let’s consider the bedroom.  Close your eyes and imagine what you’d like to wake up to each morning when you look around your room. Do you want it light and airy and simple?  If so, a bed and nightstands may be enough with potential décor including wooden beams or a barn door.  If you prefer big, bulky furniture to create a cozy feel, make sure you have wall space for dressers, pictures and chairs without inhibiting doorways or windows.  Would you like recessed lighting in the ceiling to help set a tranquil mood? Also, think about window placement and whether or not you want to wake up to the sunshine each morning or if you would prefer it to stay dark in there as long as possible. 

The second area to think about is the closet.  If you are wanting a simple look in your bedroom, you may need a large closet in which to put built ins or dressers so you have ample space for clothes, sheets, etc.  Do you want separate closets or do you want to share?  The closet is something my husband and I have always shared -even in our recent custom home build, we have one closet.  We ensured it was large enough to accommodate both of us, but we do have just one.  However, if you want separate closets, go for it!  Something else to consider is if you want a bench seat in the closet with a lift up lid to store blankets or shoes or to simply sit on while putting your socks on.  Do you want a mirror so you can make sure you are well put together for the day?  If so, make sure the builder leaves wall space for that.  Do you want a door on the closet?  A new trend is to not have a door into the closet.  Many who use cute baskets, color coordinate their clothes, and are design savvy love that idea.  Their closet becomes a decorative addition you can see into from either the bathroom or the bedroom. 

The final area in the master retreat is the bathroom.  There are many design elements to consider in this space to make it truly feel like a spa.  Do you want a walk-in shower and freestanding tub or a shower/tub combo?  As a child I loved my Grandma’s freestanding tub, so for nostalgia reasons, plus they are pretty, we chose a freestanding tub with a separate walk-in shower.  The other day though, I saw a tub inside the shower so water didn’t splash onto the main floor.  It’s a brilliant idea you could adopt!  When it comes to the potty, there are choices there too.  Do you want a separate water closet for the toilet or is a pony wall isolating it enough privacy?  Like I mentioned in the beginning, we have separate sink areas in our master bathroom.  Do you want your own elbow space to know that nobody can blame the toothpaste stains in your spouse’s sink on you?  Don’t forget about ample storage in the master bath.  Above the potty, consider a cabinet for spare toilet paper and Kleenex.  What about a floor to ceiling cabinet of sorts for towels, washcloths and medicines?  In our cabinet for extra supplies, we added a spice rack for my essential oils.  (Yes, I’m a crazy oil lady!) But I love it because it helps keep things organized and it isn’t taking up my shelf space that I am using for other items.  

So, as you are designing your Master Retreat, envision the way you want each space to make you feel.  Do you want cozy and comfy or do you want sleek and simple?  Do you share well or do you need your own closet and sink space?  The options are limitless and the design elements within each space are as well.  Be sure to communicate with your custom homes builder and make sure, together you have a well thought out plan for what you would like to have in your Master Retreat.  Because, at the end of a long day, you want a retreat that feels relaxing and refreshing.



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