When is the Right Time to Start Building Your New Home?

Published September 1, 2023

Building your dream home is no small feat. While the vision of a perfect haven may already be taking shape in your mind, the journey to actualizing it requires impeccable timing. At LaFollette Custom Homes, we’re driven by an unwavering commitment to making your dream home a reality and understanding the crucial factor of timing is paramount. In this article, we delve deep into key considerations that influence when to take that momentous step.

Financial Readiness

Money, as they say, makes the world go round. Embarking on a home construction journey is significantly tied to your financial readiness, and it’s essential to review your current financial landscape. From the nest egg you’ve saved up to your creditworthiness and any existing debts, a clear-eyed look at your financial situation is indispensable. This will give you a realistic idea of your budget constraints and what you can comfortably invest in your dream home.

If you are unsure about crunching the numbers yourself, you should seek expert advice. You might consider speaking with your lender, accountant, or another financial adviser. At LaFollette Custom Homes, we have a vested interest in helping you to understand the cost implications of your project.

It’s important to consider the real estate market dynamics. The construction industry in the Brazos Valley, much like other markets, has been subject to economic fluctuations with rising material costs, labor rates, and land prices. Waiting for a dip in the market might seem attractive, but it’s imperative to remember that waiting too long can also lead to escalating costs.

Personal Timing

Beyond finances, your circumstances play a critical role. Constructing a home demands time, attention, and emotional energy. If you’re navigating significant life changes or challenging circumstances, it might be wise to wait. After all, your new home should be a source of joy, not added stress.

Home Design & Planning

This phase sets the tone for the entire project. A well-thought-out design and robust plan pave the way for a smooth construction process. Align yourself with a builder who clearly and confidently communicates their design, planning, and construction processes upfront. Their expertise can refine your ideas, ensuring your dream home is not just a concept but a tangible reality.

It might be tempting to speed through the design and planning phases but remember, changes mid-construction can be costly and delay the completion of your home. Invest the additional time in design and planning, not only will you save time and money during construction, but you will also eliminate unwanted stress!

In conclusion, constructing your dream home is as much about timing as it is about vision and execution. At LaFollette Custom Homes, we believe in guiding you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey to homeownership is smooth and memorable. Ready to turn your dream into reality? We’re just a call away.



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