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Virtual Reality Frequently Asked Questions

Important Questions And Answers about Virtual Reality in the Home Building Process

What’s a virtual reality walk-through?

Virtual reality–or VR for short–is a digital, immersive experience created using advanced computer imaging software, allowing the user to digitally view a “real” setting–like a home. VR is the most realistic and immersive way to experience a home before its been built.

How do you create the VR walk-through?

To bring your dream to life, our in-house draftsman works with our team to create a 2D floor plan and a 3D model of the exterior elevations. Then, our team collaborates to refine the plan, giving special attention to your selections, finishes and furnishings. Finally, using advanced CAD and virtual reality software, our team brings this 2D vision to life by creating a virtual reality file for homeowners to walk-through.

Why virtual reality–and why now?

For the past 20 years, one of the biggest challenges facing the custom homebuilding industry has been accurately capturing homeowners’ visions and presenting them in a way that allows them to really experience the final product. Existing home plans and models–like 2D floor plans, elevations, and even 3D models and virtual tours–all have limitations.

How does a homeowner experience the walk-through?

Once our draftsman has completed the VR walk-through, you’ll come to our office, throw on a VR headset, and take a walk through your custom dream home. We’ll guide you through the entire process, highlighting everything from spacing to color and custom features to prompt your feedback in real-time.

Have you tested it?

We sure have–over the past two years, we have been able to offer this virtual experience to every homeowner we’ve worked with, and every single one of them has had that star-struck look in their eyes when they remove the VR headset and settle back into reality! Because the spaces are so realistic, clients are able to truly evaluate the flow and function of their homes and provide feedback as we watch along with them. The perspectives that most people could never appreciate in 2D or 3D illustrations come alive with virtual reality, and our clients, as well as our team, can proceed to construction with the confidence that we are all “on the same page!”