Why Custom-Built Houses Are the Superior Forever Homes

Published October 8, 2022

There are two ways you can go with when choosing a forever home. You can either buy a production real estate or have a custom-built house. Both options have their advantages, but the benefits of building from the ground up surpass those of mass-produced properties. Here are some of the aspects of a custom home that make it the best choice for a multigenerational abode.

The Best Area for You

When you build from scratch, you have the freedom to pick any specific land lot fit for residential construction. If you choose to live within a gated community, you may go for a corner, end, or inner lot.

  • Corner Lots – are located at the corner of plot rows. They have two sides that have access to the street, which are perfect for driveways and gardens.
  • End Lots – are a lot like corner lots because they’re also at the end of the housing row, but instead, they’re alongside walkways or alleyways.
  • Inner Lots – are plots in between other properties. They have one front access point to the street.

Constructing on existing farm, lake-side, or beach-front properties are also not uncommon. With ground-up construction, you can have your dream home in a perfect spot.

Custom-Made for Your Exact Needs

You have the power to decide on every detail of your property, from choosing luxurious or economical materials to the final floor area. Unlike cookie-cutter houses with a basic layout, you can have a fully customized floor plan based on your daily activities, lifestyle, and priorities. The three main plans are called closed, open-concept, and custom.

  • Closed Floor Plan – has walls and doorways to create rooms to section off the entire house. 
  • Open-Concept Floor Plan – remove wall dividers entirely to combine rooms into bigger open spaces. 
  • Custom Floor Plan – exactly suggests what the name means, the homeowner can have whatever design they like to have in their property. 

Built by the Best Professionals

Another good thing about a custom-built house is that you get to select your team. Create your perfect home with the help of an architect, engineer, designer, and builders. Just like bespoke suits, you can have a house that is tailor-made to fit your needs. Contact Southwest Homes, a dependable custom home builder in Bryan, Texas, to assist you with the entire designing and building process.



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