What are the Best Landscape Ideas to Consider When Building a New Custom Home?

Published May 22, 2024

When building a new custom home, landscape planning is a vital component in ensuring that the home blends harmoniously with its surroundings and offers both functionality and aesthetics. Below are some landscape ideas to consider.

Site Analysis

Before you start bringing your custom dream home landscaping vision to life, assess the land’s topography, soil type, and climate. Understanding your plot will dictate what can be achieved and how.

Native Plants

We recommend using plants that are native to the area you live in. They are easier to maintain, require less water, and attract local wildlife.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Your backyard is an extension of your custom home’s unique aesthetic. Consider building patios, decks, or terraces that extend the living space outdoors. Furnish with comfortable seating, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen.

Water Features

Add a fountain, pond, or stream for a calming effect and to attract wildlife.

Sustainable Practices

Consider rain gardens, permeable paving, and using recycled or locally sourced materials to bring your landscaping project together.


Divide your yard into different zones depending on the intended use. For example, you could have a section dedicated to growing vegetables, a space for your children to play, and another area for the patio.

Paths and Walkways

Connect different areas of your yard through winding paths made from stone, brick, or gravel. These can guide visitors and create a natural flow through the landscape.

Vertical Interest

Use trellises, arbors, and pergolas to draw the eye upwards. This can make a space feel larger and provide shade.


If your plot is in a densely populated area, think about adding tall plants, trees, or decorative fences to ensure privacy.

Functional Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make your yard usable at night, highlight architectural features, and provide security. Solar or LED options are eco-friendly choices.


Depending on space and interest in your dream home’s yard, you can have flower gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, or even a butterfly garden.


Choose trees not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their shade, fruit, or habitat properties.


Keep in mind the maintenance level you are willing to invest in. Some landscapes can be very low maintenance while others require regular attention.

Children and Pets

If you have kids or pets, ensure that the space is safe and provides areas for play. Avoid plants that are toxic to children and animals.


Consider installing a drip irrigation system for efficient water use. It can save time and ensure consistent watering.

Diverse Habitats

Create various mini habitats like woodlands, meadows, and wet areas in your outdoor living space. This will attract a variety of wildlife.

Seasonal Interest

You want your custom-built home to enrich your life year-round. Choose plants that offer visual interest throughout the year. Think about colors in different seasons, textures, and heights.

Art and Sculpture

Incorporate art pieces or sculptures to provide focal points in the landscape. This is a great way to showcase your personal style and reflect the art you have inside your unique custom home.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens can be a unique landscape feature, especially for homes in arid regions or on rocky terrains.

Slope Management

If your land has slopes, consider terracing or building retaining walls. This can prevent soil erosion and provide planting opportunities.

Environmental Impact

Try to reduce your carbon footprint by composting, mulching, and avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Integration with Architecture

Ensure that the landscape complements the architectural style of your custom home. The transition from the built environment to the natural should feel seamless.

Future Growth

Remember that plants grow! Consider how your landscape will look in 5, 10, or 20 years and plan for that growth.

When planning for your customized dream living space, it’s always a good idea to work with a professional landscape designer or architect who can help visualize your ideas and ensure they’re implemented in the best way possible. At LaFollette Custom Homes, we pride ourselves in building quality, custom homes in a variety of sought-after locations throughout the Brazos Valley. Learn more about our signature custom home-building process.



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