How to Build a Home for the Holidays

Published December 19, 2022

Though often exciting–full of laughter, cheer, and the company of loved ones–the holidays can be stressful. And it can leave homeowners reconciling with all the things they wish they were different about their house. Maybe they find themselves wishing year after year for a half bath or a guest room–or maybe they’re wishing for some bigger, bolder additions, like a guest or pool house.

A living room decorated for Christmas with a white Christmas tree and blue ornaments.

There’s always something to be improved, but there is a way to avoid these recurring thoughts brought on by the holiday season. If you want to build the perfect house for hosting friends and family during the holidays, consider the five tips below:

Choose Sturdy Flooring

Having family and guests over for the holidays means an excess of foot traffic. When building a home fit for gatherings of any kind, make sure you carefully consider your flooring. Opt for a durable material, like tile or brick, if you’re expecting an excess of guests at any given time. Tile in particular is waterproof, slip-resistant, and incredibly strong, making it a great option for bathrooms or kitchens in a holiday-friendly home. Other less expensive options like laminate and vinyl are good as well, and design has come a long way, making the tacky laminate flooring a thing of the past and providing homeowners with a multitude of beautiful options to choose from.

Incorporate an Extra Room

If you often have guests staying with you during the holidays, incorporating an extra room into your home’s design will have you thanking yourself later. No one is ever bothered to have a bit of extra space during the busy holiday season. While a dedicated “guest room” isn’t necessary, especially if you only have guests stay over during this one time of year, an office, studio space, sunroom, or other room that can easily be converted to one will serve any host well during the holiday season.

Incorporate a Half-bath

A half bath can be a game-changer for those who often have guests over. It’s one of the most common requests that builders get and can be easily incorporated into your home’s initial layout. Additionally, half baths have multiple benefits as they don’t require a lot of space in homes and can increase value in the long run.

Create a Dedicated Dining Space

Everyone’s favorite part of the holiday season is the food–and if you’re anticipating being your family or friends’ go-to host home, make sure you incorporate ample dining space into your home’s design. Whether it’s a spacious island, dedicated breakfast nook, or a standalone dining room, having plenty of room for food–and places to sit down and eat it–will have you thanking yourself year after year.

Consider Outdoor Space

An excess of guests inside your home might have you wishing for additional outdoor space. Open and inviting outdoor spaces encourage guests to spread out and can make your home feel a bit less cramped when they’re over. Consider adding a dedicated outdoor space, like outdoor living rooms, kitchens, or guest houses, or even just a built-in fireplace or pit, into your home’s design. These incorporations provide additional gathering space for guests and can give you some additional space to breathe when they’re over.

The holidays can be hard, but having a home custom-built for them can ease your burden. LaFollette can help you identify your holiday home-building needs and make your dream home a reality! Give us a call at 979-589-8343 or contact us at for a consultation!



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