Design Ideas For Your Custom-Built Home

Published February 20, 2020

If you are thinking of building a custom home, you have a lot of choices in how to design the interior so it serves your needs. Today’s custom-designed homes can be a great combination of functional and fabulous when you choose the right styles.

Need some inspirational help coming up with the perfect idea for your home? Check out these growing design trends that new custom home builders are being asked for more often.

1. Cement as A Design Element

Cement may be for walkways and patios; however, it can also be made into finely finished home elements. Cement countertops in the kitchen and bath have been popular in custom-built homes for some time.

Now it’s becoming even more popular as a flooring with because of how beautifully it can be finished to create a fine, smooth surface with different natural-looking or even decorative patterns stained or painted on.

Cement planters throughout and around the house are also growing in popularity in some modern custom-designed homes because of their clean lines and minimalist look.

2. Sunrooms

Sunrooms are becoming popular once again as many new custom home builders are finding exciting ways to bring more light and nature into their designs.

Decks and patios are still very desirable; however, the attached, climate-controlled sunroom is what many people want to enjoy the sun without having to deal with heat or cold. View our outdoor living gallery to see how many of our clients have creative outdoor living spaces in their custom home designs.

3. Minimalist Room Design

Minimalist design for custom-built homes is big these days, with the trend making its way into bedrooms, living rooms, and throughout the rest of the house.

A desire to reduce home clutter and open up usable space, especially in the bedroom, has sprouted this trend of incorporating more creative storage options and fewer actual furnishings as well as glass walls, simple window designs, and wall-mounted fixtures.

The less-is-more trend is definitely here with angular, clean-looking minimalist furnishings and room design.

4. Colored Cabinets

Although more owners of custom-designed homes are choosing minimalist design, they are now waking up their spaces with color in areas that usually receive more traditional treatments.

Kitchen and bath cabinets, dining area storage components, and even doors or wall partitions in bold, bright colors are making a splash where white and black have reigned before.

Shades of gray are another option that new custom home builders are working with, adding variation and definition to these areas in more subtle ways while still stepping away from the traditional.

5. Organic Finishes

Lastly, more homeowners are choosing natural finishes to bring a more organic feel into their homes. From stone and slate tile and countertops to wood cabinets, vanities, and windows, some are opting for a warmer, more natural feel over the stark feel of cement and minimalist design.

Real wood, bamboo, reed, and different types of stone are making their way into many rooms to create a welcoming feeling.

Lots of plants throughout the house finish off the look for those who really want to bring the outside in.

Custom Home Design Ideas

When custom designing a home, you have free reign to do what you want with it. Rather than end up with something average, look into interior design ideas that can give your custom-built home the character you’ll really enjoy.

Today’s new custom home builders can help you come up with great ideas like these and others so you’ll be happy with your new custom home!



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