What Smart Home Features Should I Consider When Building My New Home?

Published December 5, 2023

Whether installed for safety, convenience, or aesthetics, smart home features have become standard in new-build homes. Building a custom home provides a unique opportunity to integrate smart home features from the outset, ensuring that you and your family can make the most of the latest technology. Below is our comprehensive list of smart home features to consider.

Centralized Control Systems

Platforms like Apple’s HomeKit, Google’s Home, or Amazon’s Alexa allow you to control multiple smart devices from a single interface, bringing your modern luxury home to a new level. 

Smart Lighting

Dimmable smart bulbs, motion sensor lights, color-changing bulbs, and outdoor and landscape lighting control allow you to immerse yourself in an aesthetic environment no matter the season. 

Smart Thermostats

Take full control of your comfort and save energy by installing devices like the Nest or Ecobee to optimize home heating and cooling in your custom-built home. 

Smart Locks and Security

Safety is the top priority in bringing your dream home to life. Take advantage of keyless entry, remote locking doors, doorbell cameras, and a complete home security system with sensors, cameras, and alarms.

Home Network

Whether you plan to work from your in-home office suite or want to make the most of family movie night in your new shared space, use robust Wi-Fi infrastructure with mesh networks for consistent coverage.

Smart Appliances

What if your new home’s kitchen could make your grocery list for you? Smart appliances such as a refrigerator with inventory management, an oven with remote monitoring and control, and a washer and dryer that sends notifications to your phone will help you manage your daily home maintenance tasks with ease.

Home Audio & Entertainment

Multi-room audio systems like Sonos, centralized AV controls, and smart TVs are a great way to elevate your in-home design. Use intercom and communication systems to easily communicate between rooms or to the front door.

Smart Shades and Curtains

Take full control of your dream home’s ambiance with automated window treatments for energy efficiency and convenience.

Smart Water Management

What if your home could detect a leak and preemptively prevent water damage? Smart irrigation systems are a time, energy, and money-saving investment for homeowners in the long term.

Air Quality and Ventilation

Design your new home with your health and well-being in mind with smart air purifiers, CO2 and air quality monitors, and automated fans for airflow.

Energy Management

Monitoring your energy use is the best way to save yourself money on your energy bills. Use energy monitoring systems, install solar panels with energy storage, and opt for smart plugs and outlets to monitor and control devices.

Voice Assistants

For your new home to be luxurious, it needs to help make your life more comfortable. Use devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple’s HomePod for voice-controlled automation.

Vacuum and Cleaning

Cleaning your home will take much less time and energy with robot vacuums like Roomba and smart trash cans.


Consider installing motion sensors for automation, temperature sensors for precise climate control in different rooms, and sensors for opening doors and windows. 

Garden and Outdoors

Keep your outdoor living area vibrant year-round with smart plant watering systems and pool and hot tub management systems.

Backup Power Solutions

Integrate your new home with generators or battery backup systems.

Smart Mirrors 

Start your day with news, weather, or other information for morning routines.

Digital Wall Displays

Control smart features, calendars, and display artwork.

When implementing smart home features, ensure that the devices you choose can communicate and work seamlessly with each other and that they can be upgraded in the future as technology advances. Prioritize security to protect your network and devices from potential threats and choose devices and systems that are user-friendly and can be easily managed. While it’s exciting to integrate the latest tech, it’s also essential to ensure the chosen features align with your lifestyle and needs.

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