What to Look for in a Custom Home Builder

Published April 28, 2020

My husband and I dreamed of building our forever home for probably a decade.  We had been to so many local Parade of Homes that some of the local builders knew us by name when we came through.  After a couple of years, I think they just gave up on us and figured we would never pull the trigger to build.  One day though, we finally were able to.   When we were ready, we picked LaFollette Custom Homes as the best choice for us.  I’d like to share some reasons why along with ideas of what you should consider and look for when you are ready to build your custom home.  

  1. Integrity – I can’t say enough about this quality in your home builder.  This should be the number one priority you have when looking for a home builder.  You need to know that the person (people) taking care of your home build and design have your back and will do what is right when you aren’t there watching.  I recommend asking friends and family who have had custom homes built to get their opinions on who they used and whether or not their ethics and moral character were top notch. We know Jason and his team well and even though we know other home builders in town, this is the number one reason we chose LaFollette Custom Homes
  2. Experience – The truth is, every home builder has to start somewhere.  That said, do you want your custom home to be your builder’s trial run?  LaFollette Custom Homes has been in business since 1984 and has over 65 years of combined experience so you can be confident in their level of expertise. 
  3. How much customizing can be done versus standard features – If you are ready to build a custom home, then you have a vision of some unique custom features that specifically belong in your home.  Ensure your builder is willing to help you make that vision become a reality.  Can you request specific appliances?  Can they incorporate a family heirloom as a built in?  Do I get to pick the bathtub I want?  What if when I see the 3-D rendering of the home or a virtual reality walk through, it doesn’t feel exactly like I want; can we make modifications?  These are questions that need to be asked and answered.  I can attest to the fact that LaFollette Custom Homes said yes to all of these questions I had and many more. 

4. References– Any reputable builder will have references.  Most will have testimonials on their website. But beyond this, ask the opinion of friends who have used the builder.  See if the builder has any recent clients that may not be on their website that are willing to give a personal reference for them.  Word of mouth advertising and referrals are some of the best and most honest opinions you will find.  

5. What is your process – All good systems have a specific process in place.  LaFollette Custom Homes process includes:  

  • Collaboration with the team -this includes sharing your ideas to create a plan, agreeing on a finalized plan and securing funding.
  • Bringing your dream to life – this includes breaking ground, building the structure and personalizing the space.
  • Live the dream – this includes a walk through to ensure everything is perfect, closing on your new home and moving in! 

Each person may have their own unique list of what is important to look for in their builder. However, the above 5 need to be included to ensure you are getting an honest, high quality, and predictable experience during your custom home build and LaFollette Custom Homes will provide all of those things. 



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