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Published March 16, 2020

Spring has definitely arrived in the Bryan/College Station area! When I step outside, I hear the birds chirping and the smell of fragrant trees while I sip my morning coffee. Later in the evening, it turns to the sound of families playing ball along with the aroma of steaks and burgers on the grill.

Outdoor living space in a custom home with high arches and a large outdoor ceiling fan.

Outside, family time is one of my favorite memories as a kid.  Whether we were just hanging out playing ball as a family or we had friends over for a bar-b-que, the back yard was the place to be.  This day and age I feel as if we’ve lost a sense of that community among friends and family with society being as busy and media focused as we’ve become.  However, with a remodel or a new home build, we have a unique opportunity to create an outdoor space where people can gather to play games, grill some food, and relax.  Food, fun and fellowship have always had great value and I think we owe it to ourselves to ensure we continue nurturing those things that are most important.  Designing an outdoor living area can help us do just that.

The outdoor space can be anything you’re dreaming about!  It can be a simple slab with a covered roof, so you have space for a table and a grill.  It can be extravagant and include a screened in porch, decking, stained concrete, gazebos, and a built-in outdoor kitchen.  The sky is the limit and LaFollette Custom Homes can help you create a space that fits your budget and family vision.

Outdoor living space in a custom home with built in grill and fridge.

The outdoor space we created at our house was the simple one I described above.  It’s a slab directly off of our living room that has a double door entry, with a vaulted ceiling and a gorgeous truss.  We have an outdoor table that seats 6 people and a grill.  Some potted plants add greenery to help soften the look and embrace the outdoors.  We also have a fire pit in the back yard for cool evening marshmallow roasting.  It’s my husband’s favorite room in the house!   

Maybe your tastes are more for an area with a built-in kitchen that includes a grill, sink, ice machine and mini-fridge.  Maybe you want surround sound stereo to set the mood for whatever the evening includes whether it’s a romantic candle lit dinner with your spouse or a graduation party for your student.  Maybe you want a pool with a hot tub and a swim up bar.  (Those are very cool!!) 

What is your vision?  What kind of space do you want to create to help encourage connecting with family and friends? What kind of a space will make you and the family want to put their phones down to play a game, roast a marshmallow, or tell stories?  

Let LaFollette Custom Homes help you design your ideal outdoor living space because I think the movie, “Field of Dreams” has it right… If you build it, they will come!  



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