How to Visualize Your Custom Floor Plan

Published November 20, 2023

What if you could walk through your dream home before the foundation has even been laid? You can see it all so clearly: the kitchen big enough for holiday meals with the whole family, the floor-to-ceiling fireplace for cozy nights in the winter, and the walk-in closet that is spacious and modern. The beauty of custom home building is that your vision for your next home can be your reality. Gone are the days of staring blankly at a floor plan that looks more like black lines on white paper than a home. Through the power of virtual reality, you can know exactly what your home will look like before it’s built. Keep reading to learn more about custom floor plans and what this process looks like.

The Creation

Maybe your dream includes a grand master bedroom as a tranquil retreat, a lively game room for creating family memories, or an expansive screened porch for more time with nature, now is the time to capture the essence of your vision. This journey begins with turning your concepts into tangible designs with a 2D-floor plan and a 3D model, which is the first step of the virtual reality walkthrough process.

Refine the Plan

Refining your custom home plan is a team effort which involves our Interior Designer, Draftsman, and Project Manager. The Interior Designer tailors the home’s aesthetics and functionality to your preferences, the Draftsman adjusts technical drawings for layout and compliance, and the Project Manager coordinates the process, ensuring your vision is efficiently realized. This collaborative approach ensures a personalized and well-rounded revision of your home plan.

Experience Your Home in Virtual Reality

During the experience phase, your dream home takes shape in virtual reality, allowing you to immerse yourself in the design before any construction begins. With a VR headset, you’ll virtually stroll through your tailor-made custom floor plan, getting a true feel for your future home. Our team will showcase the layout, color schemes, and custom features, facilitating immediate feedback. This interactive tour offers a chance for any adjustments to perfect your home. The only thing more thrilling than this virtual walkthrough will be stepping into your newly completed home for the very first time, and experiencing the realization of your vision in its full glory.

At LaFollette Custom Homes, we know that seeing is believing! We want you to get a taste of your new home, so you know exactly what to expect. Not only does virtual reality give you the power to better visualize your custom build, but it also allows you to be an active participant in the process. You deserve a custom home builder who understands your family’s dreams and desires. Contact us today to start building your dream home with LaFollette Custom Homes.



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